Friday, July 1, 2011

The Reincarnation of Swooon

I am back. Tuesday morning I will return from a highly undesired and painful hiatus, to my trading firm in NYC, better than ever. After roughly two weeks, I have overcome the conditions (regrettably, financial and personal, but one can assume some things and be on the right track)that have tried to prevent me from pursuing my calling. Like any true pursuit worth fighting for in life, this one, trading will prevail. Always.
Did I make mistakes in my first couple of months as a trading professional? Yes. Countless. Have I learned from them, fallen and figured out how I fell, so I can comfortably run again? Yes
Will I make more mistakes? 1000 percent. Will I do my absolute best to realize that those mistakes are only wars for the weak, but minor battles, learning opportunities, for the strong? Yes. Most importantly though:
Have I spent the time off reading, studying, working, and analyzing my ass off, knowing that no matter what pitfall reveals itself trying to shake me out from my pursuit, only the weak hands get shaken out, and I am not weak? Yes. Like anything in life worth pursuing, hardships in such a meaningful pursuit are abundant. If something comes easy, that it isnt worth anything. This is my calling, trading is my art, the chart is my canvas. As you saw in my first post on this blog, I have worked very very hard to get here, survived to get here. This is what comes next. I will be great. I need much work, my learning, reading, studying will never subside to even the slightest degree. And if it does, than I will not survive. Thankfully, my experiences have given me the ability to have unlimited motivation when it comes to my destiny. I am strong. Trader Strong

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