Friday, June 24, 2011

Real Estate swoonalysis

We made a higher low at the 12 dollar level and volume is very strong. It could be some strong hands doing some value buying here, with this higher low assisting in the potential bottoming fromation here. Wednesday trading resulted in a dragonfly hammer which is extremely potent, but the potency is only true when we see follow through. If we see follow through to confirm the dragonfly hammer. But with such high volume on a hammer, we must assume strong hands are picking up the down move in a big way, and if smart money is in fact doing the supporting, their support usually causes a close near the highs the next day, thus confirming the dragonfly hammer. However it closed well off of the highs yesterday which can possibly be telling us that even with the huge buying, the supply overcame it. BUT we must respect the volume accompanying this bottoming out formation while it is still here and very much relevant.  We must respect the smart hold of the moving averages and the significance of the 14 dollar level, as well as the huge gap up and the gap hold. Even though it closed weak, we have to focus on what is in front of us.

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