Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Can't Think of A Clever Name Tonight

Below are two charts requiring an open mind ( As does everything in trading).The first chart posted below is a chart of the every so significant Shanghai Composite Index. Notice the bullish RSI and MACD divergences occurring hereand the breakout today from a massive falling wedge taking out the 9SMA:

This next chart requires a bit longer of a glance. It compares the SP-500 price history (top)to the price history of the Shanghai Composite Index (bottom). When we have a sustainable and prolonged move higher, The shanghai trends higher nicely (the orange uptrend line), but when the SP-500 moves up while the shanghai moves down, the move is not sustainable and the shanghai negatively diverges from the SP-500 and trends down (blue trend). The last rally in the SP-500 is accompanied by a break upwards out of the falling wedge ( which shouldnt be a "falling" wedge if the SP-500 is moving UP!) and that is the final rally attempt before a large additional long leg lower in the general market. The orange trendlines in the SPX and the Shanghai represent positively correlated moves while the blue trendlines on both as well represent negative bearish correclations. The falling wedges in the Shanghai are also in blue as I believe they are very short lived and bearish.Look what the SP-500 does everytime we get a falling wedge breakout in the Shanghai. Can you say last gap? I dont know, just a thought. See you guys!

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